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*WoW Token price is region specific. Select a region pane below to display price details, charts, indicators and history data for that region.

What Is Wow Token?

WoW Token is Blizzard's attempt to drive gold sellers away from World of Warcraft while providing a safe and Blizzard endorsed method to players for buying in-game gold with real money, but not vice versa. Since gold is transfered from one player to another, it doesn't cause gold inflation.

This system is implemented for all regions in World of Warcraft retail and for China region in classic.

How Does Wow Token Work?

This is a one way process involving two players and Blizzard;

  1. Player A pays money to Blizzard and buys a WoW Token. It can only be listed on WoW Auction House for in game gold.
  2. Player B pays gold to buy WoW Token from auction house. It can only be consumed for game time or Blizzard Balance.

So, the token bought from auction house is functionally different from the token that was auctioned. Both type of tokens cannot be vendored, mailed or directly traded to another player. Either purchased from Blizzard Shop or from auction house, tokens cannot be sold for real money. However, you can opt to convert token bought from auction house to Blizzard Balance and use that balance to buy items from Blizzard Shop. Some examples are World of Warcraft in game services like faction transfer, pets, mounts, new expansion packs. Also you may use your balance for other Blizzard games.

How Much Gold Does Wow Token Cost?

In game gold price of a token is not fixed and floats (presumably with some regulations from Blizzard) according to supply (tokens auctioned) and demand (tokens bought from auction house). One of the purposes of this site is to track current gold price of WoW Tokens for each region.

WoW Token price is same for all realms in a region and differs only by region. By following trends and waiting for an opportunity, you can save some of your hard earned money and/or gold.

Data displayed is very close to realtime. Price is updated roughly every 20 minutes in game and data displayed on website should be updated soon after. In case data cannot be queried from Blizzard Api or page has not been refreshed for a long time, last update date and time in outdated WoW Token region pane will be displayed in red. You can try to refesh page to get current data.

How Much Money Does Wow Token Cost?

  • Europe (EU): 20 EUR / 15 GBP
  • Americas & Oceania (US): 20 USD
  • China (CN): 90 CNY
  • Korea (KR): 22000 KRW
  • Taiwan (TW): 500 TWD

How Much Money Is Redeemed to Blizzard Balance by Consuming a Wow Token?

  • Europe (EU): 13 EUR / 10 GBP
  • Americas & Oceania (US): 15 USD

How Do WoW Auction Houses Work?

On retail World of Warcraft, all Auction Houses on a realm, across Horde, Alliance, and neutral cities, are unified and same items are listed at each.

Also, some realms have connected realms. Connected realms is a set of two or more realms (usually low population) that behave as if they are one (as if merged). In this case, Auction Houses are unified between connected realms and items listed under one will be listed for all.

Other than that, Auction Houses are not cross realm.

How to Search for WoW Auction House Prices of Commodities Other than WoW Token

Before you start trading in any market, it's always a good idea to have some information on commodity prices in the market. You can obtain this information from WoW Auction House search. Without such information, you will most likely lose money by either charging less or paying more than you should.

To search for WoW Auction House prices, you can use search bar;

  1. Select your realm and region from realm dropdown,
  2. Select localization from locale dropdown,
  3. Enter the name of the merchandise in the selected localization,
  4. Click search button.

A list of matching items will be displayed. Select the one you look for, to get WoW Auction House prices and market information for that item on the realm you selected.

Currently it only works for World of Warcraft retail.

How to Interpret WoW Auction House Search Results

Players can list items in the Auction House without any limits on asking price. Therefore there will always be outliers in asking price for any commodity, either too high or too low. However these prices do not represent the price point at which most of the trade happens in the market.

Market Price is the result of the statistical calculation in order to try and find said price point. Just like in real life, for shallow markets, that is when available quantity is low in the market, statistical analysis does not work very well for that item and Market Price may fluctuate quite a lot in historical price chart with changing availability. But for items with high market quantities, Market Price is more likely to follow a trend.

To find out available quantity; search for the item you like and check Auction House Volume chart. You can see daily market volume data with minimum, maximum and average quantities for any date. If there is no data for a date, it means that item was not listed under Auction House that day.

Current market comparison of quantity, minimum ask price and market price across all realms in region is also available in search results.

Auction data from Blizzard API is refreshed in intervals, therefore it's not accurate to track individual auctions and prices. However, it's more than enough to be used in historical analysis and have a good idea on Auction House Market Price of a commodity.

WoW Token Overview by Blizzard

WoW Token Overview